My new website, and your greatest work of art


My New Website

And Your Greatest Work of Art


Dear Friends,

Today is a big day! Today I'm sharing my brand new website with you.

In the timeline of my career I've been an esthetician, a yoga teacher, Qoya teacher, published author, burlesque performer, retreat facilitator, and sensual living coach.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, it's a puzzle you see.

After I let go of the Kitty Cavalier persona, I took a long pause to pray and meditate on what was the golden thread connecting all of these passions together.

I also sent out surveys and conducted focus groups to get to know you and your challenges as best I could.

Across the board the feedback was:

"I'm tired of being woken up by my to-do list at 3am."

"I need help being in the flow, I need to stop trying to control everything."

"I'm so committed to my job that I feel like I have no life."

"Shutting off my brain is nearly impossible."

Again we have a puzzle.

The keystone? Being in your body.

Learning how to be in my body and treat it with kindness and respect has been a theme not only in my personal life, but it has driven my career choices since I filled out my first W2.

Your body is your greatest ally, your closest companion, and your finest work of art.

You may have been taught not to trust your body, that is was much safer to allow the demands of your mind to override your body’s needs.

While your intellect is beautiful and brilliant, living only from your head means you miss out on alot.

Being in your body means being in your life.

And that is why I am so proud and pleased to introduce you to my brand new offering:


At the School of Sensual Living you'll learn how to be in your body through beauty, mindfulness and the joy of everyday sensuality.

Enrollment opens on June 28th, and to celebrate I’m kicking off with a free mini-course called: "A Week of Simple Pleasures"

week of simple pleasures.png

You'll get five mini-lessons on how to easily invite with more pleasure, beauty and embodiment into your everyday - and it is completely free!

To join us, sign up here:


In the coming weeks I'll be sharing more about this new offering, and I hope you'll join us if you feel called.

In the meantime, I wish you peace in your body, calm in your mind, and pleasure in your senses.

With so much Love,