My Boyfriend & My Brain Chemistry {Lessons from a Road Trip}


This weekend I went on a trip with my partner Patrick and his family.

When I arrived, I was a bit of a stress bucket. I was cranky with P. and zeroing on all his "flaws." I felt impatient and intolerant of the long drive to our destination. By the time we arrived, I felt like I was bearing a close resemblance to Cruella De Vil in the final chase scene of 101 Dalmatians.


Not fun, and not cute. :)

But after some time in the sun, some delicious homemade food and a few rounds of board games, I was feeling a bit more like this:


What changed?

It wasn't my guy, his family or our location.

What changed was my own brain chemistry as a result of connecting with my body through simple pleasures.

If you're like me, adding more pleasure into your life is something that both scares and entices you.

You might long for more pleasure in your everyday, but are simultaneously met with thoughts like:

"Pleasure is too expensive. I don't have the money to spend on frivolous luxuries right now."

"There are more important things happening in the world than manicures and dark chocolate."

"Adding more pleasure to my life would mean disrupting my whole family dynamic, we just don't have the space for it. "

Here's the thing, when you view pleasure solely as:

  • Having what you want whenever you want it

  • Living without boundaries or limits

  • Having someone or something else to make you feel good all the time...

...then yes, pleasure can be very expensive, superficial, and destructive.

Because there is just never enough of that kind of pleasure.

(Trust me, I've tried!)

It would be easy to tell you to just go out and have more pleasurable experiences, but that would be like giving you a loaf of bread and expecting you to never go hungry again.

I'd much rather offer you a crisp linen apron and teach you how to bake.

And that is exactly why the topic of this month's masterclass at the School of Sensual Living is: Thriving Through Pleasure.


In this 40-minute powerful class you'll learn:

  • The difference between true pleasure and illusory pleasure

  • How to create life-giving, sustaining pleasure in your day to day

  • How to create an environment where pleasure can thrive and multiply

  • The Seven Simple Truths of pleasure, and the simple shifts you can make in your mindset to take pleasure from almost anything! (Even a 7 hour airport delay - with the story to prove it!)

  • How to make pleasure a source of intuition, creativity and life-giving energy

As a member of the School of Sensual Living, every month you'll receive:

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