The School of Sensual Living
The School of Sensual Living
A feminine approach to mindfulness through the joy of simple pleasures

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Your body…

Is your greatest ally.

Your closest companion.

Your finest work of art.

It is a vast system of intelligence.

Insightful and intuitive.

Wonderfully wise.

Deeply deserving of love, kindness and respect.

You may have been taught not to trust your body.

That is was much safer and more productive to give in to the demands of your mind.

Your intellect is beautiful and brilliant.

But when you live from your head, you miss out on alot.

Do you ever find you feel drained no matter how much sleep you get?

Or that you seem to be busy all the time, yet don’t feel like you’re getting much done?

Do you ever find yourself cranky without a clear reason as to why?

Follow your heart, trust your gut, feel it in your bones…

We have these expressions for a reason.

Being in your body means being in your life.

It means bringing all of you to an experience.

Trusting your natural appetites.

Resting when you’re tired.

Enjoying your beauty.

Making pleasure a guiding principle in how you live your life.

Having a loving, connected relationship with your body doesn’t happen overnight.

But it can happen one baby step…

One deep breath…

One simple pleasure at a time.

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Meet The Founder: Mary Lofgren

Hello! I’m Mary.

I’m a passionate writer and a sensual savant.

I’m a former burlesque performer and the author of two books under my past persona, Kitty Cavalier.

I’m mom to an adorable chi-weenie named Winnie.

I’m a certified Qoya and yoga teacher, and have been a licensed esthetician for over 20 years.

My mission is to help you become best friends with your body by savoring life through your senses.