The Opposite of Niceness


The Opposite of Niceness


Once during a powerful dance class I heard a voice in my head. Loud and clear it said:

“Mary, your niceness is killing you.”

Then and there I began to examine the difference between niceness and kindness.

I’ve found that kindness comes from the heart, while niceness comes from the ego.

The opposite of niceness is not meanness.

The opposite of niceness is honesty.

In order for kindness to exist, niceness must step out of the way.

Kindness makes me feel intimate and connected with others, while niceness leaves me isolated and alone, even when I’m surrounded by people.

Niceness says look at me.

Kindness says listen.

Wherever you are on your journey today, may kindness reign supreme.

All my Love,


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Image by Filip Zrnzevic via Unsplash