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November 6th-10th in Asheville, NC

A 5-day retreat to relax, unplug and restore through the power of living in your senses.

There is nothing more powerful, or more rare these days, than in-person connection.

While connecting online is wonderful, it just doesn’t come close to the experience of being in person, creating connections, heart to heart.

For a truly transformational, immersive experience in living sensually, join us at the 2019 Retreat!

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Each day we will explore a different theme related to living sensually and being in your body. Examples of themes would be things like beauty, creation, simplicity, fierceness.

Through movement, exercises, rituals, and group outings, you’ll learn how to embody each theme in your body, mind and spirit.

  • Daily Qoya Movement Sessions Each will begin and end with soulful, centering movement to reconnect you to your body and re-align your nervous system.  In the morning you will experience an invigorating 90-minute Qoya class. In the evening, you’ll receive a restorative, relaxing yoga class with aromatherapy and (optional) hands-on massage. 

  • Daily Feminine Mindfulness Classes  Quiet the mind and linger in the space between your thoughts with daily meditation exercises.  The power of quiet, so often underestimated, helps you relax, release tension and worry, and frees up space to hear the voice of your intuition.  These lessons will give you a powerful in-person experience, as well as teach you how to design an at-home  practice that suits your life and your unique needs.

  • Guest Teacher: Transformative Breath Work Journey with Marianne Mitchell When I first heard about breath work I thought "What's the big deal? It's just breathing." Well turns out, its a VERY big deal! My experiences with breath work have been some of the most profound physical experiences of my life. Words truly cannot describe it. I'm so delighted that my dear friend and healer Marianne Mitchell will be facilitating one of her signature breath work circles at the retreat. Breath work takes you on a profound journey, nourishing the nervous system and providing a deep clearing of energy. Marianne has over 15 years of experience in energy medicine and I'm thrilled she will be helping us integrate the retreat experience into our bones through this powerful circle.

  • Guest Teacher: Soulful, Signature Style with Marisol Colette Marisol is the founder of Sol Reflection where she offers powerful, somatic based psychotherapy, as well as style and image consulting. Marisol is a powerhouse of beauty and authenticity. Her compassionate, inspired approach to styling is life changing. On Friday morning she will be giving a 2-hour workshop that begins with powerful personal inquiry about where you've been in life, who you are now and where you're going. She will then teach you how to take that soul story and create a look that is inspired, fresh, and uniquely you.

  • Holistic Beauty Classes Radiance and relaxation abound with these ancient, powerful beauty rituals.  Beauty, rather than just a look or an esthetic, is a way of connecting with the divine in tangible form. You’ll learn how to care for your skin and body like an expert, while creating a simple daily beauty ritual that feels relaxing, connecting and creates amazing results.

  • Creating a Body Based Spiritual Practice  In this fun, interactive workshop you’ll create a powerful daily ritual that exalts your body as the vessel of your spirit. You’ll leave with a simple yet profound ritual you can use to feel connected and at home in your body anytime.

  • A Decadent Shopping Adventure in Asheville, NC Considered the “Paris of the South” Asheville is a hot spot for unique and original boutiques. We’ll hit clothing boutiques, crystal shops, holistic skin and body shops, lingerie stores, chocolate lounges and more! The group will be there to guide and assist you in furnishing your life and your wardrobe with beauty, sensuality and style. To take advantage of Asheville’s amazing food, this day we will have lunch out in town. (This outing is optional. You’re more than welcome to take some me-time by the river at home!)

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You'll begin the with warm coffee and a delicious breakfast, handmade with love.

We’ll start with a grounding meditation, followed by an invigorating, inspiring 90-minute Qoya Movement Class. I have seen literally thousands of women fall in love with their bodies through Qoya. Through the wisdom of yoga, the wildness of dance, and the freedom of sensual movement, Qoya invites you to move your body the way it naturally wants to move. Experiencing Qoya in a retreat environment where your mind and heart are already relaxed soft and open, is beyond profound.


After a powerful morning we’ll gather for a delicious, fresh lunch. You’ll then have a few hours of free time to relax into the beauty of nature, read a book, take a nap, curl up by the fire with your journal, get a massage, sip a glass of wine while watching the sunset, or anything else that feels delightful to your body and senses.

In the evening (around happy hour) we’ll gather for an evening session where you’ll learn the art of beauty as a spiritual and mindfulness practice. Holistic beauty classes, creative art workshops, styling and local shopping outings are just some of the ways you’ll learn to enhance your natural radiance in every area of your life through the joy of beauty.


A sumptuous dinner awaits you in the evening, followed by a special, candlelit evening salon. These salons are powerful rituals of self discovery. You’ll relax into your senses and craft your intentions into being with your own hands through the power of ritual.

We finish out the day with an optional soothing, restorative yoga stretch and before bed. Then we get up the next morning and do it all over again!

Our Location: Asheville, North Carolina

Nicknamed “The Paris of the South”, Asheville is a charming and stylish city nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Named one of Trip Advisors top cities to visit in the United States, Asheville is perfect blend of nature and culture with small town community with big city style. The place where our retreat is being held is a three floor, gorgeously renovated beauty, completely private and wonderfully quiet. It is located about ten minutes outside of downtown, and is located within steps of the French Broad River.

Reviews from past retreat participants:

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“This retreat was my wake up call.  Before the retreat I identified as a victim of a hurtful love relationship—repeatedly telling myself and others I was unhappy and unsure of myself.  Post-retreat I have matured into the hero of my own independence. This experience showed me how to be my own source of power. I am a different woman that the one I was before Tuscany.  I live a happier, more peaceful life today; one where I write my own script.  I’m not waiting on someone else to give me self-worth or dictate the direction of my life.” -LISA KRAFT, Asheville Retreat 2019, Italy 2017 + Venus Rising 2018

This retreat was the deepest relaxation and calm I have felt in over 20 years. I have gained confidence, freedom and deep strength in my femininity.  Everyday I smile and stand a little taller, knowing I am on this earth to enjoy living in my succulent body, and to seduce myself.” – NATALIE KNIGHT, Italy Retreat 2017 & 2018

“Words can hardly begin to describe my experience of this retreat. The Italian countryside was breathtaking and the food was delicious, but those glorious things paled in comparison to the greater jewels of true connection, vulnerability, generosity, sensuality, empathy, support, and sisterhood with Kitty and with my dear retreat mates. This experience brought me back into my own precious body and directly in touch with the wisdom of my own heart.” –CHRISTINA ROHM Italy Retreat 2017

“This retreat filled me with more seduction, romance, playfulness and fun than I could have ever imagined for myself. I felt pampered and cared for from the very moment I arrived. I am forever changed by this experience.” – SOFIA TORRES DE CHIAPPETTA, New Orleans Retreat 2015 & Venus Rising Retreat 2018

“I now have an acute awareness of the worthiness of my body and daily rituals for movement, touch, and nourishment.” - MIRANDA WILDMAN, Asheville Retreat 2019

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November 6-10th 2019

Current School of Sensual Living Members save $200 off tuition. Just enter the code “member” at checkout.


  • 5 days/4 nights of accommodation

  • 3 delicious, healthy, home cooked meals every day (except lunch on Friday)

  • Daily Qoya movement classes

  • Sensual Living Meditation Classes

  • A transformative live breath work journey with Marianne Mitchell

  • A group personal style workshop with Marisol Colette

  • Powerful evening self-discovery rituals

  • An empowering holistic beauty classes

  • A decadent shopping adventure in downtown Asheville

  • Gifts, surprises and more!

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Shared Room Queen

Queen: $2200 (save $100) or 2 payments of $1150This shared room option includes a plush Queen bed and an en-suite bathroom.

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Private Room w/Private Bath

Single payment of $2495 (save $100)
4 payments of $648.75
King bed with a private en-suite bathroom.


What are the dates and times of the retreat?

Check-in begins at 5pm on Wednesday, November 6th and check out is at 10am on Sunday, November 10th.

Where is the retreat located?

The retreat is held at a beautiful, newly renovated home about ten minutes from downtown Asheville, NC, right on the majestic French Broad River.

How do I get to the retreat?

The closest airport is Asheville.  You can also fly into Greenville, SC (about a 90 minute drive) or Charlotte (about a 2 hour drive.) If you are flying we recommend taking an Lyft rather than renting a car since you won’t need to leave much farm during your stay.

The ride is about 15-20 minutes from the Asheville airport depending on traffic, and costs about $20-$30 each way, depending on traffic.  (we will pair you up with other women flying in to share rides whenever possible.)

What is included in the retreat?

Everything! All lodging/accommodation, meals (except Friday when we have our outing in downtown Asheville), class sessions, as well as some surprise gifts and supplies, all of it is included in your tuition.

What is not included in the retreat?

Transportation to and from the retreat is not included.  Wine is also not included but you are welcome to bring some with you, or if you are flying in, we can pick some up for you to have while at the retreat.

How many women will attend the retreat?

8 participants, plus Mary and her assistant. Intimate, precious and lovely!

I’m a current School of Sensual Living member. Do I get a discount?

Sure do! Current SSL members get $200 off. Just use the code “member” in the promo code field.

What if I just want to nap?  Do I have to attend all the sessions?

You are always encouraged to listen to your body on a retreat! Skipping a session here or there is completely up to you. That said, on an intimate retreat such as this one, each woman’s presence is significant to the total experience.  If you would prefer a retreat where class participation is completely optional, this is not the best retreat for your needs.

I have special dietary needs.  Is that ok?

Of course! Our chef is happy to work with any special needs to make your experience as lovely as possible.  Please let us know this information as soon as possible so we can adequately prepare for your arrival.

What is the refund policy?

If you need to cancel before September 1, 2019 and we can find someone can fill your spot, you will receive a refund, less a $250 fee to cover our administrative costs. If we are not able to fill your spot from the wait list, refunds are not possible. Due to the intimate size and nature of this retreat we ask that you weigh very carefully whether or not this experience is for you.  After September 1, 2019 if you need to miss the retreat for any reason, or if you need to leave the retreat early, no refunds, credits or transfers shall be given.

An important note about retreats and personal responsibility:

Retreats are a wonderful chance to press pause, take a time out from life, and enjoy movement, good food, good company, and fun activities that will help you grow and live with more intention and presence in your everyday life.

When you attend a retreat, particularly a retreat that is designed to help you grow more intimate with your body and senses, it can bring up strong feelings and emotions. That is why retreats are not a place to heal activated trauma or a substitute for deeper, long-term healing methods like therapy. If you are experiencing activated trauma around your body or sensuality at this time, we gently suggest waiting to attend this retreat.

Please be advised all retreat participants are required to sign a general liability waiver and release before attending the retreat.

Lastly, please note that retreats are not synonymous with staying at a hotel.  While we make every effort to ensure our guests have a comfortable, easy, and lovely stay, the retreat does not include hotel-like amenities such as daily housekeeping or a concierge. If there are any ways we can make your stay more comfortable, we ask that you let a staff member know immediately so we can do our best to help you with your concerns. Thank you!

I have additional questions about whether this retreat is a fit. Can I talk to someone about them?

Yes! Just send us an email at hello@schoolofsensualliving.com and Mary will be happy to schedule a call with you.

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I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, or schedule a call to discuss if this retreat is a good fit for you. Send us an email at hello@schoolofsensualliving.com and we will get back to you tout suite!