Ethical Silk & Lingerie Lessons: July Swoon!


Hello Beautiful!

Welcome to the July edition of Swoon! Swoon is a semi-monthly feature where I share articles, items and ideas to help you live simply and sensually in an a positively swoon-able way.

This month we’ve got daring dames, plush picnics, lingerie lessons, designer journals and more.

Ready? Let’s get swooning!


SWOON 1 (1).png

Indulge your summer picnic fantasies with this beautiful yet durable picnic blanket.(A few yards of bright, colorful fabric straight from the spool will also do if you're on a budget!)

Give your skin a smoothie with this delicious Hawaiian Youth Serum. (I’ve tried it and I love it!)

I aspire to live as lavishly and ludely as these dames! Do you?

SWOON 2 .png

Looking for something to do other than scroll your phone? Plop some fresh summer raspberries into a glass of sparkling water and give yourself a lingerie lesson with this fabulous book.

Treat your skin like a queen with this ethical silk pillowcase.

Hang these wax tablets next to your bed for a fragrant good morning and good night.

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Speaking of less time on your phone, experiment with these 4 ways to spend less time on social media.

Why not enjoy a night in with your diary, a la Lacroix?

If you’ve ever been on a diet or had body issues whatsoever, The Whole 60 is a must read!

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