Inhale. Exhale. Feel. Repeat.


Sometimes I get angry at my therapist.

When I go into her office I’m often desperate for advice, answers and direction.

But she doesn’t give them.

Instead, she invites me to slow down, witness my thoughts and get curious about the sensations of my body.

My brain loves a problem like a dog loves a bone. But unlike a dog, my brain is all gums. So after hours of chewing with the bone (problem) still intact, my brain is only left sore, frustrated and confused.

But when I slow down to be in my breath and notice the subtle sensations of my body, a deeper part of my brain - the brain of intuition, creativity, play, and genius - can take the lead.

This part of the brain is no bone chewer. It is more like a tiger lily; soft, succulent and sweet. It has nowhere to be. Tension and gripping are foreign concepts. All it knows is curiosity.

I share this today, to invite you to activate your deeper brain with a few slow breaths.

It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Just inhale, exhale, feel, repeat.

Sensual living doesn't have to be complicated, nor is it always euphoric.

It's the simple practice of coming back to your body, back to your truth, back to the moment, again and again, through the wisdom of your senses.

So go ahead.

Inhale, exhale, feel, repeat.

Don’t worry, I’ll watch the bone chewing pup.

Sand Print photo by Miranda Wildman