A feast for your senses.

The rolling hills of Tuscany…

The glittering streets of New Orleans…

The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains…

The alluring shores of Mexico…

These are just some of the locations where we have hosted amazing, beautiful, heart opening, sensual living retreats.

Our retreats give you the space to unwind, be nourished by beauty, slow down, feast on delicious food, and feel a sense of adventure as you explore new terrain in your inner and outer world.

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“This retreat was my wake up call.  Before the retreat I identified as a victim of a hurtful love relationship—repeatedly telling myself and others I was unhappy and unsure of myself.  Post-retreat I have matured into the hero of my own independence. This experience showed me how to be my own source of power. I am a different woman that the one I was before Tuscany.  I live a happier, more peaceful life today; one where I write my own script.  I’m not waiting on someone else to give me self-worth or dictate the direction of my life.”

-LISA KRAFT, Italy 2017, Venus Rising 2018 & Body Bliss 2019

This retreat was the deepest relaxation and calm I have felt in over 20 years. I have gained confidence, freedom and deep strength in my femininity.  Everyday I smile and stand a little taller, knowing I am on this earth to enjoy living in my succulent body, and to seduce myself.”

– NATALIE KNIGHT, Italy 2017 & 2018

“Words can hardly begin to describe my experience of this retreat. The Italian countryside was breathtaking and the food was delicious, but those glorious things paled in comparison to the greater jewels of true connection, vulnerability, generosity, sensuality, empathy, support, and sisterhood with Kitty and with my dear retreat mates. This experience brought me back into my own precious body and directly in touch with the wisdom of my own heart.”


“This retreat filled me with more seduction, romance, playfulness and fun than I could have ever imagined for myself. I felt pampered and cared for from the very moment I arrived. I am forever changed by this experience.”

– SOFIA TORRES DE CHIAPPETTA, New Orleans 2015 & Venus Rising


To be on the VIP notification list for upcoming retreats, enter your info here: