Do you ever feel like you’re body is one place but your mind is another?

Is it hard to turn your mind off at the end of the day?

Do you feel cut off from your feminine energy, and stuck in the grind of your to-do list 24/7? 

Welcome to the School of Sensual Living, where you’ll learn how to be in your body so you can fully be in your life.


Your Presence is your Power. 

While are supposedly more connected today than ever before, most of us feel more isolated than we’ve ever been. 

Comparison on social media, the constant ding of alerts on your phone, trauma, care taking; these are just some of the daily triggers that cause you to leave your body and live in your head. 

When you can’t be present in your body, it’s like you can’t be present in your life. 

  • You feel like time is slipping away.

  • Even when you’re enjoying yourself, you thinking about being somewhere else. 

  • You have a growing sense of disconnection from your body and your life.  

  • Even your self care practices start to feel like work. 

    Your body is your greatest ally, your closest companion, your finest work of art.

It is a vast system of intelligence; insightful, intuitive, and wonderfully wise.

You may have been taught that putting your body last is the key to getting ahead and being successful. 

But that idea is outdated, and frankly, just untrue. 


There’s someone I’d like you to meet: Your Sensual Self

Your Sensual Self is who you are when the roles of spouse, mother, entrepreneur, divorcee, caretaker are stripped away. 

It is your soul embodied - here to taste, smell and touch all that life has to offer. 

Your Sensual Self unifies the playful, innocent child-like part of you with the wise, mature, powerful adult. 

Connecting to your sensuality is the key to: 

- fuller, richer relationships 

- inspired creativity 

- knowing and speaking your needs

- feeling confident in your body and at home in your skin

- being able to discern between triggers and truth 

Keeping your sensual self alive in a world that depends on her suppression is not easy. 

Let’s restore your sensuality to its rightful place: a portal to your truth, your power, your energy and your enjoyment. 

How do you define sensuality?  

Sensuality is a topic that might intrigue you, excite you, confuse you, or make you want to run for the hills.  (Most likely, it does all that and more.) 

But sensuality is much simpler, more fulfilling, and more accessible than you think. 

Sensuality is very simply: engaging with life through your senses.

You may associate sensuality only with lacy lingerie, tropical vacations, and seductive hunks of dark chocolate.

But what if sensuality could be as simple as…

Arranging a beautiful bouquet of flowers while listening to your favorite aria…

Skillfully massaging your belly with a fragrant oil before bed…

Smoothing on a face mask and snuggling up with your favorite book of poetry…

What You’ll Learn

Each month we explore a different theme to help you live with more body awareness, beauty, sensuality and presence. 


a feminine approach to mindfulness


I have always felt slightly uncomfortable in my own skin and never like a WOMAN. The School of Sensual Living is teaching me how to stop rushing, how to stop avoiding myself and my body and how to embrace my womanity, my resplendent femininity. I feel more comfortable, confident and feminine every day!!!


suzanne b and w.png

"If you are ready for the awakening of your soul there is a place waiting for you by the glow of candlelight in the School of Sensual Living. When my world turned upside down and my husband almost died, it was the truth telling practices I learned here that helped me to speak the truth I needed to in order to fight for his survival. These are lessons that will last a lifetime. "



“With the tools I’m learning I’m able to tune into the sensations of my body. I've become more comfortable in my skin and am speaking my truth more and more. It is altering course of my life.”


what You'll Learn(1).png

Here is where you’ll learn the Art & Craft of Sensual Living.

Each month you’ll receive a masterclass in the craft of sensual living, and then we come together as a community to explore the art.

You’ll Learn How To Create:


January: A Sensual New Year

We’ll kick off the new year with a special intention setting ritual, and explore what it means to re-define your sensuality as a source of power, presence and purpose. With simple, body based exercises you’ll begin to feel more richness in your interactions, more authenticity in your connection, and more alive in your senses.


February: Sacred Mornings and Sensual Evenings

This month you’ll learn how to create a beautiful morning and evening practice. These sacred times of day are the most sensitive for your body and senses. Together, we’ll design a sustainable morning and evening ritual to ground your energy, connect to your body and settle your mind.


March: A Feminine Approach to Meditation

Mindfulness is a proven way to change your life. But do you ever find traditional mindfulness practices a bit difficult to stick with? These practices, while undoubtedly useful, were designed by men, for men. This month you’ll learn how to meditate in an embodied way that honors your feminine, cyclical, nature. Through powerful visualizations, transformative breath work, fun assignments to connect to your intuition and community exercises, you’ll learn to quiet turbulent waves of thought connect to the deeper, still waters of your mind.


April: Create A Sensual Home

Create a home that creates instant relaxation the minute you walk in the door. In this class you’ll learn tangible techniques to simplify your home, tell the unique story of YOU, and make your space a feast for the senses.


May: Uncovering Your Erotic Power

Eroticism is a power that is both feared and revered. Through breathing techniques, embodiment secrets and wise guest teachers, you’ll learn how to use the erotic to light yourself up, connect with your desires, and embrace your sensual nature as a tool for healing and empowerment.


June: Expand Your Beauty Rituals

In every spiritual, beauty is a way to connect to the divine. Itis how we celebrate our joys and make sense of our sorrows. And yet, we still feel oppressed by beauty standards that equate beauty with youth, and confused about products that offer false promises. As a practicing esthetician for over 20 years, Mary will introduce you to a whole new paradigm through which to see and appreciate your beauty, and teach you how to put that into practice through beauty ritual. You’ll learn how to care for your skin and body like a pro, how to read ingredient labels to know if a product is good in one glance, and how to put the power of your beauty back where it belongs - in your own hands.


Meet the founder: Mary Lofgren

Hello! I’m Mary. I’m a passionate writer and a sensual savant. Former burlesque sensation and author of two books under my past persona, Kitty Cavalier. I’ve been a sensual living coach for six years, a licensed esthetician for 20 years, and I’m an experienced movement teacher.

My mission is to help you become best friends with your body through the everyday pleasure of your senses.

For years and years I hated my body.

No matter how many affirmations I stated or bubble baths I drew, nothing seemed to melt the core of shame and anguish I felt at being in, or looking at, my own skin.

All of that changed when I started opening to simple pleasures - not just as recovery and reward, but as a feminine mindfulness practice and a way to own the beauty, wisdom and power of my own body.

Today, my body is my greatest ally and my most cherished work of art. I feel sensually alive, and I rely on my body’s wisdom in every decision I make.

The School of Sensual Living is where I share everything I’ve learned on my path, as well as gather in the worlds best teachers on embodiment, femininity, mindfulness and sensual living. I’m so happy you’re here, and I’d love to have you join us!

How It Works

Every month we study the theme in four chapters, delivered week by week. You’ll receive:


Week One: Live Masterclass with Mary

Equal parts wisdom and whimsy, these masterclasses teach you the art and craft of living your full sensual radiance. You’ll learn invaluable tools to connect with your body, cherish your sensuality, hone your intuition and restore your feminine essence.


Week Two: New Audio Meditation

Relax your mind, center your body, open your senses with a new visualization based meditation, every month.


Week Three: Live Ritual and Q & A

Each month we’ll embody the theme of the month through the magic of ritual as we gather under the full moon. Together as a community we will use our senses to awaken intuition, give gratitude and plant the seeds of our intentions. After the ritual we’ll transition into a powerful group coaching session where you’ll receive personalized support.

Calls take place on zoom video conference at either 12pm EST or 7pm EST depending on the month, to accommodate different time zones.


4. Sensually Spacious Week

To give you time to integrate the content, on week four you will receive an inspirational love note, but no new content will be released this week.


Get access to a searchable directory with members from around the world! This forum is great for finding home-play partners and meeting other members in person. In addition, when you join you’ll also receive a bonus PDF guide with over 30 ideas for things to do on a sensual living date.


6. The 2019 Sensual Living Retreat

November 6-10 2019 you’ll be invited to a special retreat for SSL members in Asheville, NC. In a beautiful private home on a gorgeous river we’ll gather to dance, move and learn. Through great food, gorgeous nature, transformative exercises, powerful community, and a BONANZA shopping and styling adventure, this week of beauty and pleasure is something you’ll never forget. Members receive advance pick of rooms and a discounted rate off the regular price.

xandra b and w.png

"I’ve taken more self improvement courses than I can count, and Mary is the number one teacher I recommend. She has revolutionized personal development through femininity. Every lesson is like a detox tea and a cocktail all in one, in just the right portion to make an profound impact. The lessons float through my head all week, guiding my choices and making me more in tune with my power.



“I can’t recommend this program enough! I have become clear about who I am as a woman. With the support of my SSL sisters, I manifested my dream job! I have learned to take control of my life and build a life that seduces me. I celebrate small victories daily and have established friendships with like-minded women that I cherish deeply.


Being in your body means being in your life.

It means bringing all of you to an experience.

Trusting your natural appetites.

Resting when you’re tired.

Enjoying your beauty.

Making pleasure a guiding principle in how you live your life.

Having a loving, connected relationship with your body doesn’t happen overnight.

But it can happen one baby step…

One deep breath…

One simple pleasure at a time.




Best Value

Annual Membership Includes:

  • A new Masterclass every month

  • Inspirational Love Note texts from Mary and guest teachers, 2x/week

  • A powerful, monthly group coaching Q&A

  • A searchable member directory & meetup guide

  • Access to the exclusive Sensual Living Meditation Album

  • A discounted member rate at the 2019 Sensual Living Fall Retreat

    plus these bonuses:

    • Special Bonus: The Art of Self Massage E-Course valued at $197

    • Savings of $20/month, totaling $240/year

Monthly Membership Includes:

  • A new Masterclass every month

  • Inspirational Love Note texts from Mary and guest teachers, 2x/week

  • A powerful, monthly group coaching Q&A

  • A searchable member directory & meetup guide

  • Access to the exclusive Sensual Living Meditation Album

  • A discounted member rate at the 2019 Sensual Living Fall Retreat


Can I sign up at anytime?

No, enrollment is only open through Friday July 12th at 11:59pm.

How does billing work?

If you choose the annual option, your card will be charged once. If you choose the monthly membership, every 30 days you will be automatically charged $57.  You can cancel a monthly membership cancel at anytime before your monthly renewal date.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you are a monthly member, once logged into the membership site, simply click on “your account” and choose cancel.  No contracts, no fuss. Easy peasy!

What is the refund policy?

If you want to cancel a monthly membership you can do so at anytime within your 30 day billing cycle and you will not be charged again. Please note there are no refunds given for monthly membership plans. Just hit cancel and you will not be charged for the following month’s membership. If you’re on an annual membership plan, if within 30 days you find the program is not a fit, you may request a refund minus a $57 fee for the first month of your membership.

Is there a Facebook Group?

Yes. The Facebook group is a wonderful way to connect with other women in the program and share your insights - HOWEVAH.   The whole point of this program is living in the moment and savor life through the senses, so if you choose not to participate via Facebook or only participate there occasionally, that is no problem whatsoever.

I have more questions, who should I ask?

Contact us at and we will happily get back to you ASAP.

Plain and simple: sensuality is power.

Feeling deeply means being awake. Aware. Alive.

Sensuality is where your most creative, innovative, truthful energy lies.

Your body is a vast landscape of infinite intelligence.

It is tender and fierce.

Resilient and wise.

Honest, articulate and smart.

Deeply deserving of kindness and respect.

It speaks in the language of your senses.

You don’t have to turn off your sensuality because it’s too daring or dangerous.

You don’t have to stay stuck in relationships that don’t serve you because you’re afraid there’s nothing better out there.

You don’t have to renounce your feminine frills because they’re too superficial or un-spiritual.

Welcome to a community that will remind you:

To slow down and speak from the heart.

To never feel guilty for prioritizing feeling good in your body.

To honor beauty as an essential nutrient to your feminine soul.

To measure abundance not by how much you can get, but on how deeply you can savor what you have.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Come on in…