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Hello! I’m Mary.

I’m a passionate writer.

A sensual savant.

Former burlesque sensation.

Author of two books under my past persona, Kitty Cavalier.

Mom to an adorable Chi-Weenie named Winnie.

Proud daughter, sister and friend.

I’ve been a licensed esthetician for over 20 years.

I’m an experienced Qoya & yoga teacher.

Most of all, I’m a devotee of sensual, embodied living.

I believe that every human being deserves to feel great in their body.

For years and years I hated my body.

No matter how many affirmations I stated or bubble baths I drew, nothing seemed to melt the core of shame and anguish I felt at being in, or looking at, my own skin.

I had all these fantasies of how I would feel if I loved my body: I'd feel confident and secure in myself, able to speak my mind, free to experience pleasure, successful in my career, and available to my life.

All that changed when one day I realized, that I had it all backwards.

I had been treating my body the way someone would treat their annoying kid sister.

Blaming it, taunting it and growing more and more frustrated when it wouldn't just conform in the way that I wanted.

Of course I didn't enjoy being in my body.

Like anyone who had suffered abuse, my body was scared, frozen, and untrusting of me.

Then and there, I began treating my body differently.

I began treating it the way I would treat a wise child whose trust I wanted to earn.

Rather than offering criticism and neglect, I began offering relaxation, understanding, kindness and care.

Most of all, I offered my body the joy of everyday sensuality.

Tiny, simple pleasures like the soft fizz of bubbly water underneath my nose.

Taking in the lavender and coral colors in a stunning sunset.

Feeling the sweet warmth in my heart of making eye contact with a dear friend.

I started moving my body, not to lose weight, but for the pleasure of moving and dancing.

I started adorning and dressing my body in ways that not only looked good but also felt good.

I started paying attention to my body’s need for pleasure.

I took every class I could get my hands on about embodiment, pleasure and sensuality.

That was 13 years ago, and my relationship to my body could not be more different.

Today, my body is my greatest ally and my most cherished work of art.

I care for my body the way I would care for a good friend.

I feel sensually alive, and I rely on my body’s wisdom in every decision I make.

My mission is to help you become best friends with your body by savoring life through your senses.

By bringing together my years of experience in movement, mindfulness, beauty and feminine spirituality, I look forward to helping you do just that.




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