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Imagine an entire day dedicated to you and your body.

A day to indulge your love of the feminine arts.

A day to learn how to walk, eat, dress, decorate and adorn yourself sensually.

A day to slow down and feel radiantly alive in your body.

Well, look no further my love!



Private VIP Days

you & me.

deep, soul quenching fun.

intimate, powerful coaching.

lasting transformation.



Nothing brings me more joy than creating bespoke experiences for women I adore.

I believe deeply in the healing power of beauty, slowing down, experiencing everyday sensuality, and expressing yourself through great style.

There is so much power in one-on-one connection.

The soul deeply craves a witness. These private retreat days are designed to get you into your body, and express the truth of who you are on the inner and on the outer - in a way that only personal attention and intimate connection can do.

It would be my honor and pleasure to spend this precious time with you.

This special, full day fête includes:

A 60-minute Pre-Retreat Discovery Session:

  • Before our day we will have a special 60-minute interview & coaching session. We will dive deep into your relationship with your body, sensuality and femininity. We will carefully examine areas where you feel stuck make powerful shifts to feeling flow and freedom. I will gather all the information I need to plan a decadent day of transformation and indulgence, uniquely suited to the your needs and desires.

A full VIP day customized to you:

  • We meet in the morning in downtown Asheville, NC.

  • The day begins with decadence, as side by side we receive a nourishing, luxurious foot treatment at Wake Foot Spa. Once you are filled to the brim and glowing from relaxation and pampering, we will move to...

  • A private reading with my personal tarot reader

  • Lunch at a luxurious, delicious restaurant where you'll receive a special lesson in the art of slow, sensual eating.

  • We’ll then get down and dirty with your skin care and makeup ritual. We’ll make your daily beauty rituals a source of replenishment through customized recommendations and skillful instruction.

  • The day concludes with a private embodiment session. Together we'll create a simple, easy plan for connecting with your body, your heart and your senses every day. Through movement, rituals and beauty practices you'll learn how to create and maintain a feminine, body-based spiritual practice that feels like home, everyday.

  • Around 6pm you will return to your accommodations with a parting gift in hand, and a warm hug in your heart.

  • Something else you want to see on the menu? Astrology? Hike in the mountains? Chocolate tasting? You got it! This day is designed around you and your desires!

Follow up support:

  • After you've had about two weeks to integrate we will meet on a 45-minute, one-to-one video session. Any challenges or that have come up since our time together, we will move through using the wisdom and intelligence of your body. We will troubleshoot any fears or limitations in moving forward. You will leave this call feeling inspired, supported and excited to dive into your new treasure box of feminine tools!


Voted #1 in Trip Advisor’s top 20 places to visit in the US, Asheville is a unique, artistic town in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Loaded with charm, great food, amazing shopping, majestic beauty, sweet relaxation and conveniently located 20 minutes from the airport, Asheville is the perfect getaway.

your VIP day includes:

  • A delectable foot bath spa service, side-by-side with me

  • A reading with my personal tarot reader

  • A gorgeous lunch and lesson in slow, sensual eating

  • A skin care and makeup lesson

  • A 2-hour in-person coaching private session

  • Pre-retreat coaching and post-retreat follow up


investment: $1995

Retreat participants save $500, making your total investment $1495

Dates available: Tuesday Nov. 5th and Monday November 11th