What it is

Simple. Pleasures.

Your body…

Is your greatest ally.

Your closest companion.

Your finest work of art.

It is a vast system of intelligence.

Insightful and intuitive.

Wonderfully wise.

Deeply deserving of love, kindness and respect.

You may have been taught not to trust your body.

That is was much safer and more productive to give in to the demands of your mind.

When you live solely from your head, you miss out on alot.

Being in your body means being in your life.

It means bringing all of you to an experience.

Trusting your natural appetites.

Resting when you’re tired.

Enjoying your beauty.

Making pleasure a guiding principle in how you live your life.

Follow your heart, trust your gut, feel it in your bones…

We have these expressions for a reason.

Having a loving, connected relationship with your body doesn’t happen overnight.

But it can happen one baby step…

One deep breath…

One simple pleasure at a time.

Do you ever find you feel drained no matter how much sleep you get?

Have you ever been woken up by your to-do list at 3am?

Or that you seem to be busy all the time, yet don’t feel like you’re getting much done?

Do you ever find yourself cranky without a clear reason as to why?

Where - feminine approach to mindfulenss, create a life of simple pleasures, simplify sensuality, find the space to slow down, be in your body, be in your life

Why you need it

The world doesn’t understand you

there’s nothing wrong with you but everything wrong with the world

have you ever wanted a school where you could learn? a community where you could feel inspired?

I know how you feel

For years and years I felt disconnected from my body. I hid, I felt no passion, no desire. I was mired in trauma.

I knew I needed to learn how to be here, but mindfulness felt so stodfy. it brought me awareness but it didn’t bring me comfort, joy, pleasure, zest.

Sensual living, a devotion to pleasure, learning to be in my body not just through stillness but through beauty, sensuality, pleasure.

I learned how to romance the everyday and prioritize pleasure (it sure wasn’t coming to me, I had to go to it)

Here’s why you really need it

Make time for simple pleasures

BE comfortable and confident in the skin I’m in

Speak up more because I recognized my needs

Make choices on what I want, live with greater honesty

Less tolerance for people pleasing

Mind heart and body have to be online at the same time

Here’s what it is


where the worlds best teachers on sensual living come together

where you’ll find a community of other women seeking a different way of life

where you’ll find

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are you ready to make peace with your body?

ready to begin a courtship?

ready to romance your way to mindfulness?

ready to awaken your senses and feel radiantly alive in your body?

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